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Our company began with a vision that God gave to our Founder Amber Victorian, now known as “Phoenix”  to those close to her. Phoenix’s passion for helping people has always run very deep. Her close family and friends would say that she is a humble individual who genuinely cares for people. The team of people who worked under her when she was a part of information technology leadership group would say that she believed in them even when no one else did. Phoenix has a gift to find solutions when there seems to be no solution. This business is no exception. 

In 2018, Phoenix was placed on temporary disability. She was told that she would be able to return to work within three months. At the time, she and her then-wife decided that they would attempt to conceive. The odds were stacked against them, but the first and only attempt was successful. Their excitement was cut short when Phoenix’s health was not improving. She was diagnosed with not one, but two conditions that were affecting her ability to live a completely “normal” life. She was told that she would no longer be able to work, and was placed on Social Security Disability. Phoenix was walking with a cane, taking numerous prescriptions, and on top of all of that her pacemaker had been implanted a year prior due to her heart stopping for seven seconds. The determination to provide a somewhat normal life to their unborn child caused Phoenix to begin to focus on remaining positive in the midst of even the worst situations. 

When her daughter was born, Phoenix’s outlook on her situation caused her to focus on channeling positive energy, so that she would be able to provide for her daughter without assistance. For those around her, the different things that she experienced during 2018-2020 were almost unbelievable.


When her health didn’t stop her, life threw another curveball at her, between the months of November 2019 and January 2020,  she was involved in two car accidents in which the vehicle that she was in was totaled. She walked away from both with just a few bumps and bruises. Shortly after, in February 2020 Phoenix and her then-wife decided to split up. Her daughter was just shy of seven months. 

During this whole process, Phoenix never complained about life, anyone that you ask will tell you she remained positive. Even when her family played a joke on her and told her that her leg had to be amputated, while she was coming out from anesthesia, her response was, “It’s just a leg.”, and proceeded to go on with life! 

As the days went on Phoenix remained positive and encouraged and helped those closest to her with business advice, encouragement, guidance, relationships, and a host of other items. Phoenix noticed that she enjoyed helping others. She was able to help one of her close friends get his business up and running in no time. One day while Phoenix was working, she had a vision of providing everything she was passionate about doing as a service. She realized that she had a passion for helping people and wanted to be able to help as many people as possible. She knew that it was something that wouldn’t be hard for her. 

Throughout the years Phoenix learned that all the positive energy that she had been putting into the atmosphere returned to her 100 times over. As a full-time mom things could be difficult, especially dealing with health issues, but she was blessed with people that not only support her but her goals as well. Phoenix decided to take flight and move forward with the vision.

The mission of this company is to help and empower those who have an entrepreneurial spirit to achieve success in order to create a legacy to pass on to the generations that come after them. 

Just because your past knocked you down and your present is trying to keep you there doesn’t mean that you can’t soar to new heights. Mindset is 90% of success. The story of Phoenix says that as the Phoenix begged to be made young and strong again, it was surrounded by fire. When the fire died out, all that was left was ashes. The ashes began to tremble and rise. Out of the ashes, the PHOENIX was rebirthed and was able to soar to new heights full of life! I was able to rise from the ashes, and now it’s time for YOU, my friend, to take flight! - PHOENIX



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